Taris Part 1

Taris Part One

“This is your captain speaking, we will be landing shortly. Strap in and brace for turbulence.”

Taris; I didn’t think my first assignment in Havoc squad would be security detail for supply line runs on Taris. This back water planet was destroyed 300 years ago by the Sith. Taris used to be covered in nothing but buildings and skyscrapers, one giant city. After the destruction the jungle took it back. Now the Republic is here trying to do the same. The Republic’s mission is to re-colonize Taris and try to make it half the gem it once was. I’m supposed to meet up with my counter part. Not sure who he is but he is supposed to be waiting at the spaceport to get me squared away. I hope he isn’t some kriffing shiny just out of basic; the kid better be more than handy with a blaster if he is going to watch my back.

I grabbed my gear and proceeded to the exit hatch after we landed. I was hoping to stop using military transports now that I was Havoc squad but I guess a solo mission to Taris for an “undetermined amount of time” didn’t constitute giving me my own ship. The space port was fairly new but still run down. It looked like they brought scraps to a scrap planet to build with, or these were taken from the 300 year old fallen buildings.

I was approached by a protocol droid and T7 series astromech droid. “Excuse me sir, are you Lieutenant Dimbo?”

“Yes, can I help you?” I replied.

“Very good, this T7 unit has a message for you.” A hologram of a soldier appeared. “LT, I regret that I’m unable to report to you in person, we were ordered to leave earlier than planned; we didn’t have a full security detail, mainly just grunts around the outpost I could muster up. I’ll check in with you when we’ve reached the destination outpost.”

Well great! They left without me. I said thank you to the droids and started to walk away. “Oh sir…” the protocol droid started, “This T7 has orders to report to you.”

“What?” I said surprised.

“Beep boop beep.”

“He says he is to be your personal astromech droid for your time on Taris, you should have his transfer papers in your holo.” The protocol droid walked away to go on about his duties and I was left there with a shiny new T7 droid. My binary was a little rusty but I figured we’d make do.

“T7, do you know where the main command center is?”


“Ok lead the way.”

It was only a few minute speeder ride to the command center from the space port. Looks like the first settlers didn’t feel the need to branch out too far, so you could walk if needed. I decided to walk and get a feel of the place. Nothing much to look at; spaceport, barracks, various merchant stands, a couple more sturdy buildings for big wigs to stay safe in and the command center. As my new companion and I approached the door to the command post I got a ring on my holo, audio only. “S-sir…ambush…rakghouls…last known…6 clicks out…” The call ended abruptly. T7 beeped in disappointment.

I checked the charges on my rifle and extra battery packs, then found the sergeant in charge of speeders and hopped on the nearest one. T7 jumped on the back and we took off. T7 provided me with the holomap and directions as I pushed on the accelerator. “Stang!” I couldn’t believe they left without me. If only they would have waited for me. But there was no time for that now, I had to get to the site and check for survivors and if possible save those supplies from looters.


7 Responses to “Taris Part 1”

  1. 1 Niq
    July 11, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Boop beep bop bwoo!

  2. July 12, 2011 at 10:07 pm

    Liked the EU references Stang & kriffing

  3. July 14, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Lovin’ it so far man!

  4. 5 Kizzik
    July 14, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    So when’s the next one?

  5. July 16, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    I love your story so far. Keep up the great work. 😉

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