Taris Part 2

Taris Part Two

Speeding through the jungle of Taris, I approached the crash site and saw the smoke from the caravan about one click out. I parked the speeder near a tree and approached from the south side of the road. Nothing. The place was deserted, just smoke and a ravaged caravan. I heard a moan from somewhere in the rubble; T7 behind me was quiet, scanning for any movement. Blaster rifle in hand, I approached cautiously. Turning the corner of one of the cargo haulers, I saw the sergeant from the holo. He was laying on his back, one hand on the wound in his gut, the other on his blaster. The bodies of his throw-together detail were spread all around him. He still had fight in him, but his eyes were terrified. When he saw me he raised his weapon but lowered it back when he realized I was a friendly.

“LT,” his raspy voice barely got it out.

“Take it easy, Sarge,” I said, scanning the area.

“Did anyone else survive?” I asked.

“I…I don’t think so.”

“How bad are you?”

“Not going to make it sir…the rakghouls came out of no where…almost like a planned attack, there was just too many of them.”

“Okay Sarge, rest now I’ve got the watch.” I gave him a kolto pack from my small med kit. It would only ease the pain; sadly there was nothing more I could do for him. T7 came up behind me beeping in excitement.

“How many?” I asked.


“More than 10? Oh great!”

I took a good cover position behind a crate that had fallen out of one of the haulers. The rakghouls were approaching from the north side but I knew with a few well placed grenades they wouldn’t be difficult to take care of; plus T7 was equipped with a blaster, so I wasn’t all alone. The rakghouls came in waves. I had only seen holofootage of them; they were much bigger in person, ranging from four to seven feet tall. The ghouls ran at me, hunched over and using their arms as an extra set of feet. Some had spikes over various parts of their bodies, but all of them looked enraged and hungry for my warm flesh. I launched two plasma grenades from my rifle that took out three of the little ones and one larger one. They didn’t take kindly to that, but, thankfully, went down with blaster fire; no different than any other man or creature I’ve killed. T7 even managed to take out a few of them; I was glad I wasn’t alone. The six remaining ghouls stopped briefly to look at their fallen brothers then charged at me. I let loose a barrage of blaster fire, mowing the beast down. It seemed as though we were going to be fine after all.


The last thing I remember before everything went black was a humming sound and a flash of blue light.

I came to, groggy and unsure of what had happened. Standing over me was a human male. He looked about my age, maybe a few years older. My rifle was still at my side and I quickly took it up.

“Easy, Leftenant, you took quite a knock on the head. One of the rakghouls jumped you from behind, you never saw it coming.”

“I never saw it coming? So you did? Were you watching me?” I tried to stand but the world was still spinning.

“I was. I was ordered not to engage or interfere with your mission, Leftenant.”

“Ordered to what? Who-who are you?” I asked the man standing over me, but before the man could answer the world started to spin again and I blacked out.


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