taris part 7

Taris Part Seven

I walked into the briefing room. It was just me, T7, and Zotta. The holo screen in the middle of the room flickered on as if on cue. General Garza and a robed figure with his face covered appeared before us.

“Lieutenant, I read your report. Great work on exposing the General’s plot with the serum,” Garza said firmly.

“Thank you, General. I couldn’t have done it without T7 and Zotta here, they were both invaluable,” I replied.

“Ah yes, Lieutenant,” the cloaked being spoke. “It appears as though you and my apprentice, Zotta, work well together.”

“We do, Master….?” I said hoping to discover the mysterious person’s identity.

“I’m sorry Lieutenant, but I will not be able to reveal myself at this time. Perhaps when you find yourself on Coruscant.” I shook my head; more secrets.

Zotta spoke to me, “Dimbo, this is my master. I can assure you the secrecy is only for his and the Order’s safety.”

“Okay, Master Jedi. If Zotta is good taking orders from a masked holo, I can too… for now.”

“Oh Lieutenant, it isn’t you that will be doing the following. We are assigning Jedi Knight Zotta to work under you as a member of Havoc squad,” General Garza said.

“Under me? Isn’t he like a General or something?” I was shocked. I enjoyed working with Zotta, but I didn’t realize we’d be teaming up for more missions. “Plus, security detail for supply runs seems a bit out of a secret Jedi society’s league.”

“Lieutenant, I didn’t send you to Taris to play security guard. That was simply your cover. We have had our suspicions about the General for sometime. I wanted to see if they had any legs. I just didn’t realize you would uncover it on your first day. You and the Jedi have worked well together; it only makes sense,” Garza told me.

“Wait, why does everyone keep calling him ‘the General’? Doesn’t he have a name?” I said looking at the two holos and then to Zotta.

“His name was classified at one point for his and his projects’ safety. That was years ago. It was so secret it was forgotten or deleted; no one knows who he really is.  He had been loyal to the Republic until he became head of research for the rakghoul purge. When it got turned down no one really heard from him and he had just recently turned up back on Taris,” The Jedi Master told us.

“Okay General Garza, what’s my new mission?” I asked.

“Your cover as a supply runner is no longer needed. The General will no doubt know you are after him and will go into hiding. Your mission is to find him and capture him. Bring him to Coruscant for trial. This is not an easy assignment, Lieutenant and it could take some time. The General has a loyal following on Taris and there will be those that try to get in your way. You and Jedi Knight Zotta are to complete this mission then report to Coruscant with the General and await your next mission. Any questions?”

“Just one; who do I thank for the T7 droid?” I asked.

“T7? I didn’t issue any droid to work with you, Lieutenant. If that is all, Garza out.” Zotta bowed to his Master as the holo flickered off. I was left in the room with T7 and Zotta.

A lot had just happened. I received a new mission, and Zotta was part of my team, I had just spoke to a Jedi so secret I couldn’t know his name or see his face and then there was the fact that T7 didn’t come to me through any official channels.

“Zotta, What do you think of all this? Are you okay working under me?” I asked the Jedi.

“Leftenant, it was my idea. As I told you before I believe the force has brought us together. I am a servant of the Force, the Order, and the Republic. I will follow you, and fight along side you until the Force shows me a different path. Plus, we make a pretty good team, don’t you think?” He smiled while saying the last sentence.

“That I do, friend,” I smiled.

I was happy to have him along with me. I knew he would watch my back and he had already proven to be a wise and dependable companion. I walked over to a computer terminal and punched in a security command. There was just one more thing to take care of before we could get started.

“Security protocol engaged. I am Sierra-Papa Zero-nine, please confirm.” A hologram appeared of a security program droid.


1 Response to “taris part 7”

  1. September 27, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Great addition! I love the way the story flows and I love the way it is heading. Can’t wait to read more!

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