taris part 8

Taris Part Eight

            The security hologram stood in front of me and I spoke, “Confirm; alpha, one, seven, hotel, foxtrot, Lieutenant Dimbo, Havoc squad.”

“Command confirmed; only voice command allowed until further notice.”

“Now T7, let’s find out where you came from,” I said eyeing the little droid. Zotta and I walked over to T7 who tried to wheel away, but all the doors were secured and any terminals the droid could have accessed had been locked out for the time being.

“Sierra, confirm astromech droid in briefing room,” I said.

“Confirmed. Model T series astromech droid designated T7-03.”

“Planet of origin?” Zotta spoke up.

“Planet of origin Corellia,” the Hologram said. I placed my damaged holo on a scanning terminal, “Sierra, download all holo messages received in the past week and show on the display screen.”

“Download in progress….Data corrupted, showing all available data.”

There were only a couple of files; some messages from Moss and the two from the sergeant from the supply run. The protocol droid that gave me T7 had said the transfer papers were in my holo. I selected the message.

“Play selected message,” I said.

“Confirm play message. Notice, some data is corrupt.” A distorted holo image of a Rodian appeared.

“Moss?” I said surprised.

“You know this Rodian?” Zotta asked.

“Yeah he is, well like my father,” I said. The recording spoke, cutting in and out.

“Dimbo, this astromech droid is for you. It’s a gift from me. I had a friend in the republic upload all the files and protocols it will need to assist you on your missions. All you need to do is hook it up into a republic mainframe and input your authorization code to activate it. I hope this droid can help you on your journey. Know that I miss you and can’t wait for you to visit.”  The recording ended and the holo of Moss disappeared. I took a minute to think. Where did Moss get the money for an astromech droid? Zotta sensed my emotion but stayed quiet.

“Okay little buddy, you’ve been good to me so far. I’m going to send you in for a security sweep and then you’ll be good to go. Does that sound ok?”

T7 beeped in affirmation.

“Sierra, cancel security protocol and stand down. Confirm kilo india four ice,” I said.

“Command confirmed, shutting down.” The security holo disappeared as the doors to the briefing room opened. I signaled for a repair technician to come to the briefing room. When he arrived I told him to have a full security screening done on T7; not to wipe his memory, just confirm he was republic and didn’t have any tracking or monitoring devices. Once completed, I asked him to bring the droid to me. The tech saluted and T7 rolled away with him. I turned to look at Zotta. He laughed and said, “Am I next?”

I laughed with him. “Don’t tempt me,” I said. “Where do we start?”

The best place it seemed to start was with Captain Stalk, but I was unsure of the reception we would receive once we arrived. The General was right, this mission could take sometime and after the day Zotta and I just had, I figured this mission wasn’t going anywhere. The both of us could use the rest of the day off to rest up for a fresh start tomorrow.

“Zotta I’m going to the range. Let’s start the search tomorrow. We are both tried and could use the day off before we embark on the planet wide search for ‘The General.’”

“Agreed Leftenant. I’m going to meditate. If you need me just call my holo,” Zotta said and then turned to walk away.

“Zotta, why do you keep calling me that?”

“Because Leftenant, that’s what it says right there on your sleeve, ‘Leftenant’,” he smiled and walked away.

“Are you kriffing kidding me?!?” It did say ‘Leftenant’. Did the Republic have some imperial putting ranks on armor these days? I couldn’t believe it. First stop to get my armor rebranded second was to find Lechelle, and third, hit the range.

While I waited for the tailor to rebrand the sleeve portion of my trooper armor, I took a good inventory of my utility belt and armor set. I had picked up a new holo in the command center. I had various grenades, flash, plasma, therma, frac, sonic and stun. They weren’t standard issue, but during my time in the service, my experience had changed my definition of standard issue. I kept a slicing kit, four extra charge packs for my rifle, ten kolto packs, military grade, and a side arm blaster modified for a quick draw and an even faster trigger. But my main asset is my rifle. She was loaded with eight frac grenades and had a reinforced stock in case I had to get up close and personal. She also had a hidden compartment with two extra charge packs; I never wanted to find myself without a charged rifle, especially not after what happened on Ord Mantell

My armor was heavy for the first month or so, but now it was like a second skin. I rarely remembered I had it on, unless I’m getting shot at. Then I’m thankful I do. It’s white with orange havoc squad markings and a good amount of battle scars. I keep it up well and I’m very proud of my armor: it had saved my life a couple of times in my 9 years in the service. I paid the tailor and thanked him for the rapid fix, loaded up all my gear, and headed out into the spaceport. I could use a couple food rations packs for my utility belt and I thought I knew where I could find them.

I asked around and found out where Lechelle and her folks had setup shop. Lechelle saw me coming and ran up to see me. She signed hello with her lekku then started to speak, “Hello!”

“Hello Lechelle. It’s great to see you again. I’ve got some time off this afternoon and was wondering if you had time to go to the range.”


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