Taris part 9

Taris part Nine

I woke up early that next morning well rested and in a fantastic mood after the events of the previous day. Zotta was meditating next to his bunk. I got up, showered, dressed and thought about yesterday. Lechelle and I had spent the majority of the day at the range. I taught her how to aim, shoot, and the difference between cover and concealment. She was a natural gunslinger. Afterwards, I walked her home and her dad gave me the food rations I requested and said he had a surprise for me. He brought out four cryo grenades and placed them in my hands.

“For saving my family,” Alten said.

“Thank you.” I knew better then to refuse the gift. He worked fast to get these for me; less then two days in the camp and he had already managed to acquire military grade cyro grenades that even the republic didn’t have stocked on Taris. He went inside and Lechelle and I were left alone. She thanked me for the day, gave me a hug, pulled back and smiled. Then she went inside. I smiled the whole way back to my bunk.

But today I needed to stay focused. Today was about beginning my search to find ‘The General.’ As if sensing my mood Zotta “awoke” from his mediation.

“Good morning, Leftenant. I trust you got a good night sleep?”

“Yes, and I’m not a ‘Leftenant’ anymore. I got my armor fixed,” I said as I flashed my wrist piece in his direction for effect.

“Very good then. Let’s get some chow before we start, Leftenant,” he laughed and walked out in front of me.

Over breakfast we talked about our first move. “I think the best lead we have is Captain Stalk. Let’s go talk to him and see where that leads us.”

“That sounds like a great idea my friend,” Zotta replied.

I heard some beeping going on behind me so I turned to look. T7 was approaching with the tech I had given him to.

“He’s all set LT, we just need your access code to connect him to the republic mainframe. Security sweep was negative, and it looks like you’ve got yourself one fine droid here.”

“Well thank you very much.” I input my code into the technician’s console and he nodded and walked away. “Glad to have you back little buddy.” T7 beeped with excitement.

“Ok, let’s go have a chat with Captain Stalk,” I said to T7 and Zotta.

If only it had been that easy. Zotta and I were riding on speeders down the main road toward the forward camp Taris Kilo three in hopes of finding Captain Stalk. We were both on separate speeder bikes with T7 on the back of Zotta’s speeder. Suddenly, about a click or two out from the outpost, Zotta thrust his hand in my direction and I went flying off my speeder. I managed to stand up right as I saw a missile explode into my speeder bike. Zotta had turned into the tree line of the jungle, he dismounted and made his way over to me.

“Glad you are still in one piece” Zotta said.

“Yeah my butt is sore, but the rest of me is thankful you pushed me off when you did. Who shot at us? The pirates maybe?” I asked the Jedi.

“No Leftenant, that came from Stalk’s outpost. Apparently he is mad you blew up his serum, or maybe he didn’t like the color pattern on your speeder.”

“Maybe both,” I replied. “Well looks like I’m going to get to see that blue blade of yours in use this time. We are getting into that outpost one way or another.” Zotta nodded and we set out toward the outpost on foot.

We stayed clear of the main road after the welcoming present they had sent out. My companions and I approached the outpost from the backside and made our way around the parameter. They knew we were coming and had locked down the entire outpost. We could hear some of the guards talking. They were working for ‘The General’ now, and their orders were to kill me on sight.

T7’s scanners were running, but other than the fifty plus men inside the outpost he wasn’t reading anything out of the ordinary. I was sure Stalk was still in the camp. His command tent has been replaced with a mini bunker with more guards around it than the gates and parameter. There was no way around it; we were going to have to fight our way in to get to Stalk.

I positioned myself near the Northwest corner and Zotta at the Northeast, the best points of insertion to quickly take out the gun turrets that made the four corners of the outpost. Using hand signals I counted down our attack. The plan was simple, take out the four turrets then make our way to command bunker. Once inside, get the information needed out of Stalk. I just wish it was going to be that easy. I signaled “3…2…1.”

Zotta forced leaped on to the top of the turret and sliced the barrel in two, and then he impaled it for good measure and deflected the bolts of the Southeast turret back onto itself. I launched two grenades onto the closest turret and made my way to the wall to be out of sight of the Southwest turret. Zotta force pushed a cargo hauler toward me. I climbed up on it and used it to jump over the wall. We were both inside the outpost now with a platoon of men and one more turret between us and Captain Stalk’s bunker.

Zotta’s blade sliced through the air deflecting bolts and moving him closer to our objectives. I followed in his wake, taking out the now traitor soldiers, with a barrage of blaster fire. Once I was in range I launched two more grenades at the last turret and it exploded. We moved back to back through the sea of blaster bolts and bodies, closer to the bunker. I launched and threw grenades to take out clusters of troops. Zotta was deflecting blaster bolts, only a few soldiers were stupid enough to approach him with a viroblade and they became cushion under our feet. A few of the soldiers had taken up positions on top of the walls in an attempt to snipe us down. I continued with my barrage of blaster fire, and Zotta returned the attacking fire back to our attackers who then fell to their deaths.

When we reached the bunker only a few guards remained in the fight. Some pressed on with their attack defending their commander to the death while others, the smarter ones, turned tail and ran. We reached the door of the bunker and found it open. We went inside into a small room, lights lit but empty, nothing in the room but the same holo Stalk had let me use just days before.

Zotta shut the door behind us and the holo flickered on. A blue and white holo image of Captain Stalk appeared, “Lieutenant, it’s so good to see you alive, and I see you brought your pet Jedi with you.”

“Kriff off!” I said.

“Now, now, Lieutenant, if you’re mean I won’t tell you about the surprise I have for you,” he smiled.

“Where are you ‘Captain?’” I said sarcastically.

“I am very safe and very far away from your location. ‘The General’ wanted to express his thanks for blowing up his supply of serum, but we’ll get to that,” Stalk said.

“Listen Captain…” I started.

“It’s actually Commander now. Serving the Empire has its benefits.”

“Empire? So that’s who made the serum for you. What did you hope to gain?” Zotta replied.

“Yes Jedi, you’ve found us out. I switched sides long ago, and I was nearly done collecting enough Republic supplies to cripple the Republic here on Taris allowing the Imperial operation here to get started with everything it needed.”

“Imperial operation? What’s your end game?” I asked.

“That’s not your concern, not that you will be around to figure it out anyway.” He was smug in his answer and suddenly I realized this was a trap. He knew we would start looking for ‘the General’ here and moved elsewhere a long time ago probably moments after I left just days before.

“Leftenant, we must go, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Zotta said.

My holo rang, T7 sending a message, “Thanks buddy,” I replied. “Zotta, there are fifty or more Rakghouls headed for this camp we need to move.”

“Enjoy Lieutenant, I look forward to never seeing you again.” The ‘Commander’ smiled and the transmission cut off.


2 Responses to “Taris part 9”

  1. 1 Kizzik
    January 24, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Just wondering if there will ever be another issue/ episode/ posting?

  2. January 24, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Yes very soon! i was in the hospital over the holidays but I have more written they are just being edified atm

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