Taris part 10

Taris part Ten

Zotta and I quickly turned toward the door of ‘the commanders’ bunker. When I opened it we heard a strange siren noise as we exited the bunker. I turned to look at the top of the bunker and there was a mini transmitter dish producing the noise we were hearing.

“What does it do?” I asked Zotta.

T7 had moved inside the walls of the camp and wheeled himself over to us. He showed me the scans of Rakghouls approaching. There wasn’t much time, we needed a way out. As I looked around Zotta said, “The transmitter must be attracting the Rakghouls.”

I looked at Zotta. “I guess this is the surprise Commander Stalk had planned for us.” I told T7 to get the main doors on the camp closed, “That should keep the rakghouls out long enough for us to find a way out of here.”

I made my way over to a cargo hauler. Then suddenly Zotta yelled, “Watch out!” The Jedi jumped next to me, force pulled T7 toward us and the walls around the camp exploded, with me and my companions in the middle of the camp. The explosion was monstrous; Zotta enclosed us in a force bubble that prevented us from being burned alive. But even in the bubble I could hear the rakghouls howling and growling; they were waiting for us.

In the commotion I noticed Zotta had also used the force to grab the transmitter dish. “If you could be so kind as to turn off the transmitter Leftenant.” Said the Jedi, straining to keep his force bubble shielding us.  A quick blaster bolt made short work of the transmitter.  I took it and had T7 stash it in one of his storage compartments. It might come in handy later.

Once the smoke cleared we could see what was left of the walls that would have helped protect us from the Rakghouls. The Rakghouls were all around. We had our work cut out for us. Zotta dropped the force bubble drew his lightsaber, igniting its blue blade. T7 lowered a compartment shield to expose his blaster and opened another compartment that held a mini flamethrower. My companions knew we were in for a fight.

The rakghouls, despite the transmitter being shut off, were still coming toward us. The noise that the transmitter dish had made must have pissed them off enough that they were coming, explosion or not. The sounds of the transmitter dish had brought the biggest rakghouls I had ever seen; bigger then the ones I faced just days before. These stood six to eight feet tall, had greenish gray skin, razor sharp claws on both hands, vicious long teeth, and they were foaming at the mouth ready for battle. They closed the distance between us in seconds. Zotta forced leaped into the middle of the group slicing down two of the beasts when he landed. He then force pushed one beast into another in an attempt to control the rate at which they advanced. T7 used his jet pack to hover above a group that had rushed him spraying them with fire and finishing them off with a blaster shot.

Seeing my companions flow so easily into combat empowered me. I launched two grenades into a group of rakghouls on the other side of Zotta, careful not to give my companions anything else to worry about.

With a group this large the best tactic was to slow them down. Zotta was doing a good job at that and with my added barrage of blaster fire, our enemies slowed their advance. However, the number of rakghouls was overwhelming. How much longer could we keep this up? I continued to shoot at the rakghouls and they fell one by one, carefully placing grenades as needed. Zotta, still slicing through the rakghouls, used the force to grab pieces of debris and hurled them at the incoming enemies.

It seemed as though we had been in combat for hours, but it had only been a few minutes. Time slows down in battle and there isn’t a lot to think about other than staying alive and keeping your friends that way also. I’d say we had killed thirty to forty of the monsters judging by the bodies that surrounded us. T7’s scanners had picked up at least fifty initially and there were at least that many left now. They had us surrounded and were closing in. Unless a miracle happened we were not going to last much longer. To die in battle didn’t scare Zotta or I.  I could feel his strength flowing through my body. We fought bravely together and the bond formed on the battle field could never be broken. We were no longer Jedi and soldier, or friends, he was no longer my subordinate; we were now brothers.

From my left a big, ugly, grey rakghoul lunged at me. I drew my vibroblade, stabbed it under the chin into its brain and flung it on the ground next to me. The rakghouls had corralled us back to back to back and then just as the rakghouls closed in and it looked liked all was lost, a Republic transport ship flew up from the horizon. The doors on the side of the ship opened and pointing right at us were two very large assault canons. They started shooting to my left and right, clearing away what was left of the rakghouls that had surrounded the three of us. I was relieved. I’m not sure we would have made it out alive if that ship hadn’t shown up when it did. The sounds of the transport’s engines and seeing their kin fall in the battle caused the remaining rakghouls to scatter back into the forest.

The transport raised me on my holo audio only. “This is Airbird zero-five, calling Havoc…come in Havoc.”

“This is Havoc, so nice of you boys to show up. Thank you!” I replied.

“We saw the explosion sir, figured we’d come check it out. What’s this about Stalk going rogue? We got a message from your T7 droid.”

“Can you set down and give us a lift back to base?” I asked.

“WILCO,” the pilot replied.

They set the bird down about 100 yards away. Zotta, T7 and I made out way over to the door of the open transport, climbed in the cab and the door sergeant gave the order to take off. I put on a head set and said, “Thanks again. You guys really saved our hides back there.”

The flight back to base gave me a different vantage point of Taris. I could see out the windows of the transport and high above the trees. I could see wild life roaming and the large ruins of what must have once been the upper city. I spoke to the door sergeant and pointed to a ruin. “What’s that?”

“Oh, that’s the old hospital. Some say they found a cure for the Rakghouls disease there hours before the Sith destroyed the planet.”

Interesting, I thought. “And that looks like an old ship?” It wasn’t far from where I found Lechelle and her parents days before.

“Oh, that’s the Endire Spire. She went down prior to the Sith bombardment too.”

We continued our flight back to base and as I looked around at the 300 year old destruction I realized something; this planet has a lot of healing left to do, and I can only hope that my time here on Taris will help with some of that.


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