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Taris part 12

Taris Part Twelve

The next morning I awoke alone, in a room in the cantina, Lechelle and I had spent the night together. It was such a good night. She had worn a green gown that hugged her body, I more then noticed her slim figure as we walked into the cantina to see the band and dance. We danced, laughed, talked and drank. Then we kissed and kissed some more and that lead to getting this room.

But Lechelle wasn’t here anymore, I think she got up early to open the shop but I wasn’t sure, we had had a great time and I had drank a little more then normal; my head ached. I got out of bed and gathered my things. I checked for any personal items of Lechelle’s but found none. I went back to the barracks showered and headed to the Mess hall. Zotta was no where to be found so I figured he had went to eat without me. I got a tray of food and found him sitting alone at a table near a window. It had just started to rain outside when Zotta said, “Late night last night huh?”

I smiled, “Lechelle and I went to the cantina and listened to the new band.”

Zotta started to say something about attachments when Lechelle burst into the Mess, a couple of sentries where running after her, “Miss you can’t be in here, Miss!” she had changed into her normal cloths and she looked worried.

“Dimbo!” she yelled, “I have to find him.”

I stood up, “It’s ok sentries, I’ve got it, I’m over here Lechelle.” She sighed relieved to have found me.

“Dimbo, they’re gone…they’re gone and I can’t find them.”

We walked down to Alten’s store, while Lechelle told me and Zotta what had happened. Lechelle’s parents had left on a trading run, destined for one of the civilian colonies deeper into the Taris jungle, a small group of aliens and humans trying to make it on their own. From what I had heard in my short time here the colony had struggled at first but was doing very well. Lechelle told us that her parents had left the afternoon before and were supposed to be back in time to open the shop this morning. She had tried to reach them on the holo, and the civilian colony reported they had left hours ago, more then enough time had passed for them to have been back. This pretty little Twi’lek was crying tears running down her face.

“Please help me Dimbo, they are all I have.” Weeping onto my shoulder she hugged me.

I sat Lechelle down when we got to her parents store, I hated to pull T7 off analyzing the message of Stalk in hopes of a finding lead, but Zotta and I would need his help on this mission. I raised him on the holo and told him to prep our speeders. I contacted the civilian colony to get the trader caravan’s last known location. I sat down next to Lechelle, “I’ll find them Lechelle don’t worry. Stay here at the shop, don’t leave, I’ll call you on the holo when I have news.” I hugged her.

With tears still running down her blue face she smiled and simply said, “Thank you.”

Zotta and I turned and left the shop, we broke into a jog, with the rain failing on us, all the way to our speeders.

T7 was already waiting on the droid platform so we hoped on and took off. Zotta didn’t need any explanation, innocent people that we both knew were in danger and we were willingly to risk our lives to save them.

We traveled through the green luscious jungle of Taris south of the spaceport mostly on dirt roads or make shift paths. But this area was mostly unsettled. Only the monthly trading caravan ever traveled this way. There were trees growing out of building rubble and the rain was still coming down. We traveled toward the last know location for about an hour and finally came across the caravan. We got of our speeders and walked toward the caravan, T7 started to scan the area. Blaster fire came from the caravan over our heads. We ducted down and I yelled, “It’s ok, we are friendlies, Lieutenant Dimbo here, and we are here to help.”

“Dimbo? Dimbo! It’s me Alten come quick Lynnda is hurt.”

I ran over to where Alten’s voice had came from, when I saw him I knew instantly he had been infected, part of the flesh on his left arm had been ripped off, it hung limp at his side. Zotta looked around for more survivors while I tended to Lynna. She had a bump on her head and one broken left. She was unconscious and had flesh missing from her thigh.

I surveyed the site, one of the transports had gotten stuck on a tree blocking the road. “What happened?” I asked, as I gave Lynnda a kolto pack, my field medic skills where basic at best, Lynnda needed a doctor and fast.

“Well our transport got stuck so we all got out to clear the road, and they just came out of no where…The rakghouls so many of them all at once. We never had a chance.” He cried as he held his mate.

“It’s ok, we are going to take you back to base and get you both fixed up. Lynnda’s vitals are stable we need to hurry.” T7 moved to turn our speeders around and brought them a bit closer Zotta pulled me aside after I had tended to Alten’s arm.

“Dimbo.” He said, I knew he was serious because he didn’t call me ‘Leftenant.’ “Dimbo they are infected with the rakghoul plague, I don’t think we can risk bringing them back to the spaceport.”

“I know my friend, but it’s a risk I’m willingly to take, we can keep them safe until we find a cure, medicate them or something to slow down the transformation we have to try.” I pleaded with Zotta.

“Ok, there might be something I can do to help,” he replied.

We got both Lynnda and Alten loaded up onto the speeders and headed for base. T7 messaged ahead and when we arrived at the entry of the base they had a decon route setup for us to follow leading us straight into an isolated section of the medical center. Medical droids and doctors in hazmat suits appeared and started taking reading, sampled and they worked to treat the open wounds of both Alten and Lynnda.

I called Lechelle on the holo and she said she would be at the med center in minutes. The chief medical officer pulled me and Zotta aside, “Lieutenant, they are most certainly infected with the rakghouls plague, I can sedate them, but that will only delay the transformation they will turn into rakghouls in the next eight to twelve hours unless something can be done. And with the mother’s wounds she might not even make it that long.”

I looked away from the doctor to see Lechelle appear in the door way. I could tell by her eyes she had heard enough. Lynnda and Alten had been moved behind an isolation field, Lechelle could only watch now as her parents slowly became monsters.

I walked over behind her and put my arm around her side, she turned to me and said, “Is there anything the doctors can do? Anything anyone can do? I can’t lose them Dimbo, they are all the family I have.”

I didn’t know what to say, there wasn’t anything I could do. No base I could storm, or hide out I could sneak into, there was no cure for this disease.”

“Dimbo, I believe there is something I can do to help.” Zotta spoke, “I can meditate to help stop or delay the spread of the disease it might give them the entire twelve hours but there is no guarantee, I can only try. Someone will still need to find a way to completely stop the disease from spreading.”

“Ok, Zotta you do that and I’ll work on a cure.” I said. Zotta walked over to Lynnda and Alten, dropped to his knees into his meditation stance and started his meditation. I left Lechelle so I could think across the room.

A cure. How was I going to come up with a cure in twelve hours for a disease that no one had been able to cure in the 300 years of its existence here on Taris. It hit me like a truck, Snap! Wait 300 years ago someone did come up with a cure, but it had been lost in the destruction. What did that soldier on the transport say when he brought Zotta and I back to the base after being trapped by Stalk? Something about that old medical facility having a cure, I called him on my holo, “Sergeant, this is Dimbo, listen I have an emergency here and I need all the info you’ve got on that medical facility most Ricky-tick.”

“Sure thing LT,” he said.

The sergeant moved over to this holoterminal, our holo channel still active.

“Let’s see, the hospital was on the upper city of Taris, below that the under city, not a lot in here. It was Viper blade territory before the bombardment some Mandalorian girl Bounty Hunter armed with a lightsaber wiped out the Vipers, killed their leader and all the thugs jumped planets, sorry LT, I’m looking.” He scrolled thought the know info, “Here we go, like I said before, the doctor there was reported to have found a cure to the rakghoul disease hours before the Sith bombardment. Now fast forward 300 years later, one research team went into the facility in search of the cure but were never heard from them again, that area is now overrun with rakghouls and classified as level black, no entry.” He turned away from the holo screen to look at me.

“Send that info to my T7 droid now! And thank you so much soldier, I owe ya a brandy next time I’m at the cantina.”

“Sure thing LT, but you’re not planning on going in there are you?”

I cut off the transmission; I knew what had to be done, for my friends Alten and Lynnda and for Lechelle.

My holo rang, it was a technician from the command post, “Lieutenant, I’m working on the Stalk recording here in the command post, we think we have a breakthrough we could really use T7’s help.”

“I’ll send him right over,” I said and closed the channel, looks like this is going to be a solo mission. I messaged T7 to get over to the command post, and I went back over the Lechelle, her blue face was a shade of red from crying, tears still on her cheeks. I kissed her forehead. “Lechelle, I’m going to go find something to help your parents. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Where…where are you going?”

“To an old medical facility to find a cure.”

“There’s a cure? Oh Dimbo please be safe and hurry back,” she said. I could see the concern for my safety but at the same time the worry for her parents in her eyes.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, stay strong we’ll get through this, I’ll always be here for you Lechelle,” she kissed me, sobbed and then turned to sit by her parents.

It was mid afternoon, I walked out of the med center, took my speeder that T7 had uploaded the location of the old medical facility in and headed into the jungle, rain still hitting my head and the wet ground around me. I had to be back before the dawn.


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