Flashback part 2

Flashback part two

We waited, not ready and not wanting to move against a Sith. Not yet anyway. They took Sara deeper into the smoke filled entry way. Sydor and I waited. We regrouped back behind a large storage crate.

“What do we do, Dimbo?” Sydor asked me.

“We get her back. Let’s head in there and see what we find. Stay focused and alert.”

As Sydor and I made our way over to Xifer’s body we were exposed. I took an over watch so Sydor could examine him. “He was killed point blank executed, but he has defensive wounds. He put up a fight till the end.”

Sydor placed his hands over Xifer eyes and closed them.

“Let’s move him to the exit and then go after Striker,” Sydor said.

“No leave him here for now; if we move him someone might clue in on the fact we are really here,” I responded. “I promise, if we can, we’ll come back from him.”

Sydor nodded. He took the defensive position behind me and we headed into the mountain entrance, into the unknown, into the smoke.

When the smoke cleared about ten feet into the mountain, we could see a red glow reflecting off the rocks; red from the lava below. It looked as though the Imperials had cleared out various passages and work areas. They were mining something from inside the Volcano. What, I didn’t know or really care. Our mission, with ship trackers in place, was to get our man back. The majority of the machinery in the cave was shut down due to it being after midnight, but the machinery left running made enough noise that we could both move through the tunnels without worrying about creating too much noise. We moved from machine to machine looking around for any signs of Sara or any Imperials.

We saw blue glow coming from one of the passages that was farther into the cave, so we made our way toward it hoping it was something that could lead us to Sara. There, in a single cell, we found Sara. Sydor and I cleared the room and found nothing. I hit the release on the cell controls. Sydor pulled Sara out, she was unconscious and hunched over, he injected her with a strong dose of Kolto. I kept watch over the only exit, the way we had just came from. Sara began to open her eyes almost immediately.

“What’s… what’s going on?” she asked in a bit of a haze.

“You’re going to be ok, Striker. Dimbo and I are going to get you out of here.” Sydor said to Sara, “Dimbo she’s ok, a medium concussion but she can walk.”

“Roger, when she’s ready let’s get out of here,” I replied.

No sooner had the words left my mouth then did I hear the Sith’s voice. “Leaving so soon?”

There he stood only ten feet in front of me, almost appearing out of no where. Sara had gotten to her feet, Sydor gave her his rifle, and he was now armed with his blaster pistol. Then a platoon of 20 Imperial troops appeared behind the Sith.

We were trapped. They used Sara as bait and we had taken a big bite. “Get ready,” I whispered.

“I was just getting to know your female friend here, and now you want to take her away?” said the Sith.

If it was just the soldiers, the three of us against the twenty of them, I wouldn’t worry too much. We were well seasoned vets, but add a Sith into the mix and this was shaping up to be not such a good day.

“Now little Republic soldiers tell me what you are doing here and maybe I’ll kill you quickly,” the Sith said with his hands folded across his chest.

I stared at him in the dimly lit room. “Well, we were looking for some buried treasure back on the beach, but got a bit lost,” I laughed, gesturing with my hand and quickly removed a small sticky grenade from my belt and threw it right toward the Rattaki’s chest. He merely waved his hand reflecting it off to his right and it landed on a console, just as I had hoped.

“You dare mock me! I am a Sith Lord, apprentice to a Darth on the Dark Council! You…you pathetic excuse for a soldier will suffer!” He drew his lightsaber and activated its crimson blade.

3…2…1… I counted in my head, as my grenade exploded, it took out the power in the room including the lights. It also knocked out about ten of the Imps behind the Sith. This could still work.

I activated my night vision and charged directly at the Sith. At the last second I slid on the ground under him between his legs jumped to my feet and stormed into the middle of platoon ramming an Imperial soldier right in the chest with my rifle. I opened fire into the stunned troops. They were not ready for battle, thinking their Lord Sith would easily dispose of me, Sydor and the injured Sara. Sydor and Sara opened fire on the Sith who had turned around when I passed him, shell shocked I had out maneuvered him. They had the Sith pinned down with blaster fire giving us all a fighting chance for the moment.

I kicked, stomped on, head butted and stock struck the soldiers closest to me then rolled toward an opening in the wall for some make-shift cover. Blaster bolts flew over my head and the Imps did well to not give me any opening to fire.

I activated a smoke grenade and threw it at the Imps feet. The charge was low on my rifle so I swapped out my power pack, my last one. I took off my helmet and threw it off to the side to draw fire. They opened up fire on it quick; this gave me a chance to lay down a barrage of blaster bolts. After taking out almost all of them with my blaster fire, I then ducked back down and the four remaining Imps began to rush me. I stormed toward them, running faster then I ever had, at least if felt that way. I jumped in the air toward the closest Imp and smashed in his face with the butt of my rifle. I shot another point blank right in the chest and the two both lunged for my arms. One of them caught me on the forehead with a vibroblade and I felt the blood dripping from my brow. With both of them so close I slapped a sticky grenade on one of their chests and he looked down in horror, then he turned and grabbed frantically at the device trying to remove it. The remaining Imp soldier came at me with his vibroblade. I side stepped his attack, grabbed his wrist and turned his knife back on him. Losing the blade in his own chest, he fell to the ground. I jumped behind a computer console as the other Imp exploded. All that was left now was to defeat the Sith and get us all to safety.

The Sith had Sydor and Sara pinned down. He was deflecting their blaster bolts back at them, but they put down enough fire that he was unable to move forward. I wiped the blood from my brow and comm’d Sydor. “Listen up, when you think the time is right you get Sara out of here, get her back to base, I’ll deal with the Sith.”

“But Dimbo!” he started.

“No buts! You do it! That’s an order.”
“WILCO,” he replied with a grunt. I moved from behind the console and opened up a barrage of blaster fire on the Sith. Bolts now coming from both sides he started to move back toward a wall so he could deflect the shots from both angles giving Sara and Sydor a path toward the door. Sydor and Sara converged on my position giving us the advantage for the moment and giving them an opening toward the door.

“Give ‘um hell,” Sara said as she limped by. I nodded.

The Sith filled with anger and rage realized the game we were playing. “Enough!” he yelled and unleashed bolts of white lightning from his hands and into Sara. She fell limp to the floor, smoke pouring from her armor. Sydor grabbed her by the collar, and then turned and ran dragging her with him.

I launched two frag grenades from my rifle and continued my relentless blaster fire. The Sith was forced to turn his attention back to me as my friends escaped. The Sith continued to deflect my own blaster bolts back at me. A few well aimed deflections struck my chest and grazed my armor at the shoulders. He was toying with me and he was closing the gap. His anger and hate for me allowed my friends to get away. I pulled at the trigger of my rifle again and nothing happened. I checked the power pack, empty. I searched for another but I had none, I had come unprepared. I looked on the ground, no weapon in sight.

“Haha, out of juice are we good soldier?” said the Sith.

“Just trying to make things interesting,” I replied. Then I sprinted toward him rifle in hand, what else was there to do? I jumped rifle ready to smash his face and that’s when I felt the tightness in my throat. I didn’t land from my jump. My rifle fell to the ground as my hands grabbed desperately at my throat and my feet danged in the air. The Sith held his lighsaber in one hand and his other was raised in a cupping motion. I then realized the pressure I felt on my throat was something through the force; he was choking me. I started to see white spots and the Sith was drifting in and out of the blackness in my view.

The white spots got bigger and the blackness more often. I felt myself fading away. Then I heard the Sith scream and I fell to the floor. His lightsaber hit the floor next to him as he grasped at his chest and at the pointed side of a vibroblade driven right through his heart, if he still had one. He fell over dead my eyes heavy, my body fatigued from the loss of oxygen, I faded into the black.


2 Responses to “Flashback part 2”

  1. November 23, 2013 at 2:05 am

    Trooper versus Sith, the game is afoot, my friend. Enjoying it!

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