I had to start off this blog by thanking the people that brought it to fruition,

First I have to thank Mos Eisley radio for having a back story writing contest because without them I might have never put this to paper and by paper I mean the text you see before you. http://moseisleyradio.com/

Secondly my friend and I’m so happy to be able to call her that, Natasha also known as Mandaloriangirl http://mandaloriangirl.wordpress.com/ she encouraged me and helped me to get started, she was always a Mando I could lean on when I needed help.

Thirdly the great folks over at Bootleg Radio http://www.bootlegradiostation.com/news they inspired me to start Dimbo’s Radar which let me realize how much fun I had providing something for the SWTOR community. Without which I would have never realized the passion I had to do so.

And last but not least my beautiful wife, and mother of my child for putting up with my Star Wars obsession and for editing my writing and grammar. I love you honey!




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